Lori Petty, Star of ‘Tank Girl’ & ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Will Be Guest Celebrity at Spa-Con V in Hot Springs Sept. 18 – 20 | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

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Lori Petty, Star of ‘Tank Girl’ & ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Will Be Guest Celebrity at Spa-Con V in Hot Springs Sept. 18 – 20

Lori Petty, Star of ‘Tank Girl,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Will Be Guest Celebrity at Spa-Con V in Hot Springs Sept. 18 – 20

HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, Arkansas — Lori Petty, known to comics fans for her portrayal of Tank Girl in the movie of the same name and for her starring role more recently in the hit TV show, “Orange Is The New Black,” will be a celebrity guest at Spa-Con V in Hot Springs September 18 – 20.

“Tank Girl,” the movie, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its 1995 release. The movie is based on the 1988 comic created by Jamie Hewlett and Adam Martin. 

“Lori appeals to comic book fans for her starring role as ‘Tank Girl’ and for her appearance in the ‘Gotham’ TV show,” said Bill Solleder, marketing director for Visit Hot Springs and one of the founders of Spa-Con, the multi-genre comics and pop culture convention that is marking its fifth year.

“Her role in ‘Orange Is The New Black’ makes her one of the more current guests Spa-Con has hosted,” Solleder said. “In addition, baseball fans can rejoice as her role in the movie, ‘A League of Their Own,’ is a fascinating link to Hot Springs’ international fame as The Birthplace of Major League Baseball Spring Training.”

Petty has nearly 70 movies and TV appearances to her credit.  Her more recent TV roles include guest-starring on the hit series “Gotham,” and the reboot of “Hawaii Five-0.”

She has had multiple appearances on Netflix's groundbreaking “Orange Is The New Black,” where she has won two SAG Awards with fellow castmates for Best Ensemble in a Comedy.

Petty is also well known for playing iconic roles in films such as “Point Break,” “A League of Their Own,” “Free Willy” and “The Glass Shield.”

In between acting roles, Petty is an accomplished film and theater director. Her directing debut was for the independent film, “Poker House,”(which she also co-wrote), that starred Jennifer Lawrence.

Spa-Con V tickets are available at Spa-con.org. Early-bird tickets are on sale for Spa-Con V at www.spa-con.org. Weekend passes good for the entire convention are $25; day passes are $20, and VIP passes are $100. The ticket prices will increase April 15, and will increase again September 1.

Solleder said, “Our celebration of pop culture and comics brings together a diverse audience that loves everything from Batman to ‘Stranger Things,’ Pac-Man to Mario Smash Bros, Dungeons and Dragons to Pokemon and everything in between.

He said Spa-Con provides “possibly the best people-watching fun in the state. It has hosted celebrities from ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ and ‘Stranger Things,’ not to mention, NASA scientists and 12-foot-tall robots.”

For more information call Bill Solleder at 501-321-2027.

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