Mid-Southern Watercolorists 51st Annual Exhibition in Hot Springs | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

March 5 - June 30

Mid-Southern Watercolorists 51st Annual Exhibition in Hot Springs

Location: Hot Springs Convention Center, 134 Convention Blvd

The Mid-Southern Watercolorists 51st Annual Exhibition will be on display in the Main Concourse of the Hot Springs Convention Center, from March 5 until the end of June.

Hours for May

Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm

Saturday, 10am-2pm

Sunday, closed

Mid-Southern Watercolorists (MSW) is a non-profit organization incorporated in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1970. It was founded by five artists; Doris Williamson Mapes, Bruce R. Anderson, Josephine Graham, Edwin C. Brewer and Catherine Tharp Altvater. The organization has approximately 275 members in 17 states.

Our goal is to enrich the stature of watermedia and encourage the recognition of its significance in our culture. This organization furthers the interest of painters and patrons by its programs and by its competitive and non-competitive exhibits. It also provides opportunities for study by art students and others engaged in art making and in appreciation of arts.

MSW exhibitions have been hosted in Little Rock, Arkansas at locations including the Arkansas Arts Center, the Central Arkansas Library System’s Showcase Arkansas Gallery, the Historic Arkansas Museum, the Arkansas Art Center’s Terry Community Gallery, and Hot Springs Convention Center in 2021, as well as other prestigious institutions in surrounding areas of the state.

If you would like more information about this organization or are interested in becoming a member, please visit our website, www.midsouthernwatercolorists.com

For more information on the hours the exhibit will be open, please call 501-321-2277.

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