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Piccolo Zoppé Winter Circus | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Piccolo Zoppé Winter Circus

Location: Memorial Field Airport, 525 Airport Road

Event Date: November 18 - December 4

Not just any circus is coming to town. Piccolo Zoppé Winter Circus arriving holiday season in Hot Springs! What a better time than the holidays to gather your family and start a new tradition. Piccolo Zoppé Winter Circus, is a magical European circus that is sure to capture your heart. Enjoy Piccolo Zoppé Winter Circus in a heated tent at the Memorial Field Airport in Hot Springs, Arkansas - November 18 - December 4!

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Piccolo Zoppé Winter Circus Ticket Prices

Online: Youth $15, Adult $25, Preferred Seating $30
Weekday family five pack available for $70
Door: Youth $20, Adult $30, Preferred Seating $35
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The Zoppé family has been enchanting audiences around the world since traveling the cobblestone roads of Italy in 1842. 180 years later their passion for performing their art and
their hearts with their audiences remains true to this day.

Piccolo zoppé is an intimate European style circus classic in its beauty. No audience member is more than 18 feet away from the ring. Feeling the rush of the Zoppé horses galloping by is an experience young and old will not soon forget.

What to expect: When you arrive you’ll be greeted by some of our performers in our gathering tent where you’ll be entertained and invited to emerge in the surroundings, stepping back in time, and indulging in European style street food, and of course all of the circus favorites, popcorn, cotton candy, and other delectable delights. So bring your appetite. As you enter the main tent you will soon become aware that our circus is ardently different. Petite and unique. You will witness the beauty of galloping horses, performing dogs, aerialist feats, jugglers, acrobats, and all that you would expect from a classical European circus. Please join us for a most unforgettable experience where you will laugh, you will cry, and you will become part of our family.

Who is babysitting your kids during school break? Don't let them sit inside all week. Piccolo Zoppé Circus will also be hosting a circus camp. Let us teach them how to stand up on a horse, hang from a trapeze, walk on a tight wire, and become enthralled by the magic of the circus.

A week of classes, including a special presentation show to your family members and friends of all the skills that you learned. Remember, this camp is for children of all ages. Contact us at or