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Visitors Center | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Visitors Center

Looking for a hotel, bed and breakfast, local places to eat, and the best ways to explore Hot Springs? Spend some time at our Visitor Information Center located just one block south of Bathhouse Row, and we'll get your day started right!

The Hot Springs Visitor's Center is located downtown in Hill Wheatley Plaza at 629 Central Avenue, just one block from Historic Bathhouse Row. Our Visitor's Center offers convenient parking, four electric charging stations, and restrooms.

Learn more about the restaurants, attractions, and lodging options available in Hot Springs, as well as information on Hot Springs National Park, Bathhouse Row, our three area lakes, and more at the Hot Springs Visitors Center. Find brochures, maps, and information on the state parks in the area to help plan the perfect stay in Hot Springs. For more information on Hot Springs, give us a call at 501-321-2277.

Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center

Located in the Fordyce Bathhouse at 369 Central Avenue. Self-guided tours of the Hot Springs National Park Visitors Center and the National Park are free.

For further information, call the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center at the Fordyce Bathhouse at 501-624-2701.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our friendly and helpful staff at the Visitor Information Center are happy to answer all of your Hot Springs questions!

Where is the National Park?

Hot Springs National Park includes portions of -- and completely surrounds -- downtown Hot Springs, making it one of the most accessible national parks. Click Here to see a map of te National Park boundaries.

Where can I find free parking?

Free Parking is located in the Exchange Street Parking Plaza at 128 Exchange Street.
Click Here for directions.

I want to take a short hike, which way do I go?

Hot Springs National Park offers 26 miles of hiking trail, all of which are accessible from Downtown Hot Springs. Find out more about them HERE. A great option for a short hike can be found directly behind historic Bathhouse Row along the Grand Promenade or park atop Tower Mountain for an easy hike to Goat Rock!

Where are the hot springs?

There are 47 thermal springs in Hot Springs National Park. There are 2 places where you can touch the thermal water:
1. The Display Spring - Located directly behind the Maurice Bathhouse.
2. Hot Water Cascade - Located at Arlington Lawn, this is the largest visible spring in the Park.

Even though there are no soaking opportunities outdoors, there are two bathhouses in operations where soaking, traditional bathing experiences and modern spa amenities are available:
1. Buckstaff Bathhouse
2. Quapaw Baths & Spa

There are also thermal spring fountains where bottling water is FREE. Go ahead, "quaff the elixir."
1. Libby - In front of the Libbey Memorial Physical Medicine Center on Reserve St.
2. National Park Service Administration Building on Reserve St. - suitable for filling jugs.
3. Between the Hale and Maurice Bathhouses on the Bathhouse Row
4. The Noble Fountain on Reserve St. (at the south entrance of the Grand Promenade)
5. The Dripping Spring between the Hale and Maurice Bathhouses
6. The Shell Fountain on the Stevens Balustrade (between the Fordyce and the Maurice Bathhouses)
7. Hill Wheatley Plaza located right next door to the Visitors Center - suitable for filling jugs.
(There are also two Cold Springs where bottling is available: Happy Hollow & Whittington Spring)