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The Foodie | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas


The Foodie

The only thing you enjoy more than cooking is having other people cook for you. You crave authentic food experiences and love sampling new cuisines. Fine dining is your forte, but a restaurant snob you are not! You seek out food trucks and lesser-known cafes, and will eat just about any place where the food is good (i.e. hand prepared with fresh, preferably locally-sourced, ingredients). Hot Springs has a plethora of foodie-loving options, pick out some to try on your next visit below!

The Pancake Shop

501-624-5720 | 216 Central Avenue

The Porterhouse

501-321-8282 | 707 Central Ave. 71901

The Reserve at Hot Springs

501-359-3053 | 2330 Central Avenue 71901

The Vault

501-596-8800 | 723 Central Avenue Suite 100 71913

The Waters Hotel

501-320-0001 | 340 Central Avenue  71901

The Winery of Hot Springs

501-623-9463 | 1503 Central Avenue 71901


501-463-9264 | 3954 Central Avenue Suite G 71913