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Completely New Website Featuring Innovative Tools for Visitors To Plan Visit Will Be Activated August 15 by Visit Hot Springs | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

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Completely New Website Featuring Innovative Tools for Visitors To Plan Visit Will Be Activated August 15 by Visit Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, Arkansas — A completely new website featuring innovative new tools to help visitors plan their visit to Hot Springs will be activated at 10 a.m. Monday [August 15] by Visit Hot Springs.

“We have combined fresh design with innovative tools to make planning your trip to Hot Springs easy and fun,” Visit Hot Springs Marketing Director Bill Solleder said. “Our online presence at will give visitors a comprehensive look at virtually everything Hot Springs has to offer. And we’ve made it fun to use.”

Solleder said the new site lets potential visitors define what sort of tourist they are, then use that to develop customized itineraries to accommodate their interests and preferences.

“This tool lets visitors plan not only the attractions that interest them, but it also lets them decide which lodging suits their needs and which dining spots they are interested in visiting,” he said. “We have added amazing new interactive maps that show the locations of every lodging spot, every attraction, every restaurant.

“The maps even let visitors select a specific part of town they are interested in. For instance, you can select the downtown district, the lake district, the uptown area, the Oaklawn area and others. Once you select a particular district, that map will show dining, lodging, events and attractions in that part of town. You can even select it to show only the restaurants or only the attractions.

“Clicking on a specific spot will bring up information about that spot and contain contact information if you’re interested.”

The new website will feature a new home page with fresh videos and photography, Solleder said. Other features will include a “Wander Map” tool that allows the visitor to literally “wander” the city to pick out things that interest them. The website allows visitors to receive a free weekly blog posting, and a weather widget that shows the current conditions in Hot Springs. He said staff is working on a possible new feature that would allow visitors to hold a live chat with a VHS staffer during business hours.

The VHS staff developed the concepts for the features that they wanted the new website to include, and Visit Hot Springs’ ad agency, CJRW, developed the coding and infrastructure to deliver those features, Solleder said.

“Our staff came up with the concepts, the text, videos and photography that showcase this wonderful place, and the experts at CJRW brought all that to life,” he said. “The result is a website that delivers for visitors an exciting preview of what they will find when they come stay with us.

“We are proud of our new site and believe it will deliver new hospitality business to Hot Springs. And that benefits every single one of us.”

The older website was built in 2016 by CJRW. In 2021, 1.2 million users visited the site.

Solleder said restaurants and lodging inside the city receive free listings on the website and can update those listings free. Restaurants and hotels outside the city can buy an annual listing on the site for $300 and can pay to update those listings.

For more information call Bill Solleder at 501-321-2027.