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John's Shoe Hospital

John's Shoe Hospital

Shoe "hospital" with invisible soling, while you wait...

David Garner, who has been in the business of repairing shoes and boots in Hot Springs since 1955.

A quick look around Garner’s shop in the 800 block of Central Avenue revealed more than 30 pairs of boots sitting around to be repaired or waiting to be picked up by their owners.

“Shoes aren’t what they used to be,” Garner says. “Most people don’t even polish them before they are torn or worn, and rather than getting them fixed, they just get another pair.  The high cost of well-made shoes causes shoe owners to invest in repairs, but a majority of shoes sold today are not built to last, or to be repaired."

Garner was 15 years old when he learned to repair shoes and he learned in the same shop he works in now.

“It was owned by the Walknowitz family, and the shop opened in 1908,” he said. “The son of the original owner taught me, and I taught my son.”


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