Lamar Bathhouse (Bathhouse Row Emporium) | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas


Lamar Bathhouse (Bathhouse Row Emporium)

Lamar Bathhouse (Bathhouse Row Emporium)

Home of the Bathhouse Row Emporium

The Eastern National sponsored store is in the Lamar Bathhouse, Bathhouse Row Emporium. Among the items carried are books about Hot Springs history, the plants and animals of the area, other national parks, post cards, and bath-related souvenirs. You can purchase glass or plastic water bottles to fill with hot spring water, whetstones, traditional luffa bath mitts, and many more spa items. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, with hours extended for the summer.

The store carries an exclusive line of spa products made with the hot spring water. You can also purchase coffee, and other hot beverages made with the hot spring water.

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