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Top 10 Things to Know About the World Championship Running of the Tubs | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Top 10 Things to Know About the World Championship Running of the Tubs

Fill up your super soakers for Stueart Pennington's World Championship Running of the Tubs!

The sun has come out, the teams have assembled, the judges have met, and the bathtubs have been built! Which means, it's time for the most hilarious and competitive sporting event in all of Hot Springs - Stueart Pennington's World Championship Running of the Tubs, Saturday June 4th at 9 AM on Historic Bathhouse Row! Before we race, check out the Top 10 Things to Know Before You Go to the World Championship Running of the Tubs!

This is when all the fun really gets started. Get a sneak peek at the incredible tub builds before they are flying down Bathhouse Row. Maybe you'll even get to see a team try to bribe a judge too! Friday, June 3rd at 6 PM in Hill Wheatley Plaza, 609 Central Ave.

Modified, Traditional, and Stock Tub Divisions will be racing down Bathhouse Row Saturday, June 4th at 9 AM. Traditional Tubs are full blown, HEAVY cast iron bathtubs. Modified for the more modern teams made of plastic or fiberglass. And, returning again this year, the Stock Tub division is for nonprofits, governmental, and church organizations where the tub is provided for the team. This adds a whole new difficulty level since the teams don't get a test drive.

Teams must stop at 3 different obstacles sponsored by Bathhouse Soapery, Bath Fitter, and Riser Ford. What ill our sponsors have the teams do? The chicken dance? The duck dance? What is a duck dance? You won't know unless you go!

Every year the Hot Springs Fire Department and Hot Springs Police Department go head to head in the most intense tub race in the world. Come out and cheer for your favorite!

Super Soakers, Water Blasters, Hydro Splashers. The more water the better! Take aim, and soak a bathtub racer. Help us protect our water by leaving the water balloons at home.

All this entertainment is completely free! How about that. Bring a lawn chair and set up on Bathhouse Row to watch those tubs go, go, go!

The rules change every year, and even change mid-event! Bribes can get teams extra points, and head starts can be given according to the judges mood at any given time. That'll keep you on your toes!

Along with the division winner, there are also awards for: Most Spirited Tub, Most Original Tub, and Best Overall Tub!

The stakes are even higher this year, because the trophies got even cooler, and more original to Hot Springs' history. This year's trophies are being handcrafted by two incredible local artisans - Zack Dryden of Dryden Pottery and Bart Bump of Bear Chair Company.

We couldn't have all this fun in the sun without our Presenting Sponsor, Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium. They'll be the third obstacle stop in the race. Be sure to pop in and check out all their amazing products after the race at 366 Central Ave.

Running of the Tubs Schedule of Events

Judging of the Tubs - Friday, June 3

6PM - Hill Wheatley Plaza, 629 Central Ave

Running of the Tubs - Saturday, June 4

9AM - Historic Bathhouse Row

Don't forget to share and tag your photos from this wild, wet, totally fun event! #runningofthetubs #visithotsprings

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