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Gather, Laugh, and Create at Hammer and Stain Hot Springs | Hot Springs National Park Arkansas

Gather, Laugh, and Create at Hammer and Stain Hot Springs

Are you ready to host the most memorable party ever? At Hammer & Stain Hot Springs, we specialize in creating fun and effortless experiences for everyone, regardless of skill level. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, corporate event, team-building session, or any other gathering, we’ve got you covered.

**Why Choose Us?**

  • **Hassle-Free Planning:** Once you request a party, we’ll help you choose two to three exciting projects for your group.
  • **Spacious and Accommodating:** Our studio comfortably hosts up to 36 guests. For larger groups, we’ll coordinate with local venues to ensure everyone has space to create and enjoy.
  • **All-Inclusive Service:** We provide all materials and handle the cleanup, so you can focus on having fun.

**Special Group Packages:**

  • **Small Group Package:** For groups of 6-10, the hostess receives their project at half price.
  • **Large Group Package:** For groups of 11-20, the hostess gets their project free.
  • **Extra Large Group Package:** Perfect for corporate events, sports teams, reunions, and more. For every 10 projects purchased, the 11th is free. So, with 21 people, you qualify for 2 free projects!

**Easy Booking:**

  • A $50 deposit holds your date and studio, fully refundable after the party if the minimum number of attendees is met. If someone can't make it, they can pick up their project later or have a friend bring it to them.

Ready to create unforgettable memories? Contact Hammer & Stain Hot Springs today and let’s make your next event extraordinary!

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